Boo Adventures is a serious contender for best physics puzzler on the iPhoneGameZebo

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Rescue a succession of hapless furry critters from imprisonment across a varied bunch of levels in this bouncy cartoon-physics puzzler Boo

Cute Meets Tough In This Knock Down Game Of

Challenging, frustrating, looks fantastic. Everything a great iOS game should

Boo Adventures is an adorable puzzle full of beauty and intelligence. It works your brain without getting you completely

Countless users are enjoying Boo Adventures across the world… it’s about time you joined in on the fun.

Boo Adventures is based on the ever changing puzzle logic. You use boo (tiny balls with different powers) to tumble and throw furries (usually squares having different powers, weight) off. For each furries you throw off… you are awarded points and for each boo used, the points are deducted. In the end, you have to reach a certain score to complete a level.

The levels are divided into episodes and each episode contains objects such as teleportation, planets, gravity toggle, sliding ground, flying rocks, bouncing ground, etc which you have to use in order to throw off the furries in that level…. Go Ahead! Give it a spin!