The Road So Far…

By Harsh Rajat
| In Blabber

I thought it would be great to talk about our story and how we got from there to here. Also, it acts as an excellent cover up for being too lazy to design and code the “no post found” section of this theme of wordpress.

We started as Digital Poke back in 2010, when not many people were into apps / games. We wanted to create something which could have been used by almost all the people and that helped us narrow down the app to either a game or a browser. Since we had little to no iOS experience and we knew it would be a heck of an effort to jump onto a game first, we pinned our efforts and bet on creating 360 Web Browser for iOS.

Couple of months later, we have all the functionalities pinned down for what should be an actual web browser should be for an amazing smartphone. Then came the hard part of developing those things which took more a year to come by. In hindsight, it helped us that we knew nothing when we began otherwise we might not have taken this major project at the very start. But hey, that worked, turned out a lot of people wanted tabbed browsing, downloading stuff, opening files, and browsing in full screen, blah and blah.

This helped catapult us in the pro zone. Turns out, it was actually best to start with something so complex that by the end of it you have already made your name… and in the process learned more than you could have imagined about iOS and how to program on it. The money gained from our web browser also helped us fulfil our dream of travelling to Europe and attending Oktoberfest (seriously guys, you have to be there at least once).

We then returned back exhausting most of the money we made and realized that the trip could either be short or the wine less expensive. Didn’t regret it though but learned that we need to build up a plan and strategy as well if we have to succeed in this. This led us to start 3 Magic Shots, an app by which we promoted third party apps / games.

It created a whole new way to promote your apps / games on the App Store. We partnered with a lot of review sites as well to make sure that our clients got what they needed and life was going great as were we for sometime before it all crashed when our app was pulled down and we needed another start.

Not long after, we started having creative differences and eventually had to split and to be honest, things weren’t looking that great back then. It was time to get back to storyboarding ideas and having a strategy which didn’t rely on just a single product to carry us forward. Which is when we planned to work on four verticals in parallel: – A site which is all about covering viral content, the media vertical of ours. – A one of its kind comparison shopping website which searches over 100+ e-commerce sites to find the best deals in India which we plan to extend to the other parts of the world soon enough. – A site selling some of the really cool wordpress plugins we ended up creating to satisfy our desires to be unique in everything we create.

And -Where we showcase all the apps / games which we are making… which after all is the one thing we are veterans on and our stats prove that for us.

Well, you might ask what was the point of this post if we aren’t going to tell you the teachings from the goof ups we did. To which my reply is that this was as mentioned above, a very bad cover up for being too lazy to create a “no post found” segment for pokelabs. And to those who are still interested in finding tidbits about our story and what we learned… well you can lookup our Reddit AMA for the same.

Until next time.


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